You never know what to expect on the Rock

Diving at Roca Partida is luminous and magical.  Here’s this little tiny rock in the absolute middle of nowhere, in the middle of a brilliant blue sea–I’ve never seen bluer blue!  You never know what to expect on the Rock.  We’ve been blessed with fabulous condition–what looks like limitless visibility, and only a trace of current.  Sharks and  giant mantas abound, and hammerhead shark sightings are not uncommon (though so far no go for me–they appear to hang out south of 120 feet, maybe because there’s more privacy down there).  The rock itself is imposing and massive unto itself–sheer drops into the blue, lots of nooks and crannies, a few nesting holes for resting whitetip sharks, a random turtle or two, clouds of rare orange chump fish, eels, oversized trumpet fish all hidden in the face of the rock.  And when the dive day is done, watching the sun set with a cold beer from the hot tub…now that’s a dive experience.

By Nautilus Staff

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