Incredible vertical walls and life big and small pretty impressive!

Roca Partida is that, a split rock in the middle of the sea. But below is a stone monolith with incredible vertical walls and a life big and small pretty impressive. We say that the main thing here are the hammerhead sharks, but it is best that anything can happen here. A group of divers saw 18 hammerhead sharks, and we have seen a huge tuna, turtle, more blankets chevron (followed by a couple of mobulas, very smart training !), All white -tip sharks you want (stuffed into holes in the rock in groups, sometimes stacked against each other !), silky sharks chasing the ship’s lights at night, and some schools and smaller fish on the stone wall … and as constant, perfect weather, incredible light both down as above water , good food and plenty of comfort on board. We expect to see more things the rest of the day, taking advantage of the sea is so calm and we are the only ones here !

By Nautilus Staff

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