Several Humpback Whales Appeared!!

After a slow start with low viability  yesterday morning, in the afternoon it all turned around with 3 good dives at the Canyon.
The water cleared up and the giant mantas showed up, as well as a couple of hammerheads and silkies.
That wasn’t all: just after our divers descended onto the Canyon several humpback whales appeared, cruising by just off the divesite. One adult humpie wanted to make sure we knew they were back for the season by repeatedly breaching with full body out of the water before crashing back to the surface with a big splash.
We ended the day with a great little taco fiesta on the top deck under the stars.
At Socorro today diving Cabo Pearce. Dolphins and mantas after two dives.

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2 replies on “Several Humpback Whales Appeared!!”

breaching with full body out of the water!!!
I’m going to join the trip in Feb, looking forward to this moment!
How far are usually the distance between the whale and boat? Still thinking if I need to bring any tele lens?

Sometimes the wahles let us get up nice and close but sometimes they can spook. It really depends on the whales and how they feel that day!

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