Manta Heaven!

Manta heaven here at the Boiler today. Divers report seeing 6-7 different giant mantas. We were also visited by eight dolphins on the first dive. When I woke this morning, not only did I find the NEX anchored beside us, but also the Valentina. When we arrived at the Boiler, the Sea Escape was here already. Midday the Rocio Del Mar pulled up, saw it was crowded and moved to the Canyon.
The sun is shining today. It was seemingly pretty windy this morning, with whitecaps everywhere and the odd foam streak here and there. By lunch time, the swell/chop was washing right up the stairs on the back deck, and still is from time to time. The wind has started to ease off, but the forecast is showing an increase overnight in both wind and swell.
After some careful consideration, I have decided to head to Roca tonight, as winds are forecast to ease by lunch time there, fingers crossed sooner. We will be joined there tomorrow by the NEX and the Solmar V.
Visabiltity -65ft Water Temperature-77f

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