Nice Manta Encounters!

Arrived at Cabo Pearce early AM Feb 04 to do a checkout dive at the wall. Decided to head directly to Socorro in place of our usual stop at San Ben, because of weather. If weather is blowing out the Boiler and the Canyon is washed out, San Ben can be a crappy place to dive. Had some nice manta encounters with OK vis and moderate current at Cabo Pearce, weather topside was a stiff 15-20 NNE in the morning lessening to 10-12 in the afternoon, wave train was wrapping around and into the bay protected by the CP wall. Four dives that day, then overnight to Roca Partida. Feb 05 arrived 0630 to Roca Partida and did four dives prearranged with the Belle Amie to accommodate schedule. When we got there we found the Southern Sport so the first two dives had groups on top of each other, but the Sport weighted anchor and left halfway through the day leaving the NBA and us to continue at our leisure.
Mantas, dolphins, some sharks. Nice vis. Hammerheads still way down there in the abyss. Guests are happy but we’ll be planning to dodge out for weather purposes back to Socorro for the navy base and Pta Tosca tomorrow Feb 06.

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