Noon Resport from Captain Bryden: Seas are calm

Weather here is hot and sunny, seas are calm and there’s a nice NE breeze keeping everything cool.
We started the day at the Canyon. Almost no current, and Giant Mantas were seen on both dives we did there. While everyone was eating lunch, we motored over to the Boiler, where I haven’t seen it this nice in a long time – no Boiling today! Third dive was all mantas with guests reporting at least five distinct ones, so all good.
Arrival last night was much later than I had hoped. Not sure why, but the California Current seems to be reversed. At 1450 we were lucky to make 7.0-7.5 knots, where as on the trip north, we were making the same speed at 1250 rpm. Ah well. I will sleep tonight at anchor. Taco Night tonight – it’s our first night at anchor in over two weeks.

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