Classic Roca

Noon Report:
Decided to stay for a second day at Roca today, so we jogged all night and came back early this morning.
Same boats here today. Southern sport was the first one on the schedule and they were only starting at 0730 with
a sunrise of 0645, so I decided to put our divers in this morning for a dawn dive, starting around 0630. The dive
was awesome, lots of action. Sea Escape was offended that I would do that but whatever, I didn’t mess anyone elses
schedule up. As far as I’m concerned if the first boats here are gonna waist time getting in for their first dive
I’m gonna take advantage of it. Anyway it means we’re gonna squeeze 4 dives out of today.
A really good day yesterday.
Both dives today really good so far, schooling hammers, dolphins, mantas, sharky…classic Roca.
Heading to Socorro tonight for one day of diving then up to Socorro for last day on the 7th. Watching weather
closely, looks to me like a short day on the 7th.
Weather today quite nice, a little more swell than yesterday but nothing like the forecast. Maybe 5-7′ with 5-10
kts from the NNW.
All ok!

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