It's like Disney world!

What an awwwwwsssssooooooome day, after 2 dayz of seasickness I was back on track and could finally dive famous ROCA PARTIDA!!!
And guyz believe me its like Disneyworld…..
First we had a big chevron manta coming close in the blue. A couple of silkys around me, Oh Year good beginning!!! Than after a little while I saw a few hammerheads appearing underneath me at 35-40 meters and I just drop down to join them… and than began the real trip ‘cause silver tips, white tips and galapagos sharks joined us and I felt like sitting in shark soup … AMAZZZZINNNNG…
I was just able to finish the dive with my 3 min stop at 3 meter with extra empty bottle. I feel blessed, ExtraThanks to Robert and Marcel from Wiro Dive to had send me here. If I had to recommend one dive spot in the world, specialy a shark dive site, Roca Partida would be in my TOP 3!!!!!
And last but not least the Nautilus Explorer Crew is bloody fantastic!

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