Shark soup as it should be – alive and in the open ocean!

On day three at Roca Partida we are still blessed with finest conditions, and still the only ship on site. Current is picking up and brings all the amazing sea life to our view.
Right after the jump for Dive # 2, we are getting a nice flight show from a friendly Manta playing with our bubbles. Thereafter we had shark soup as it should be – alive and in the open ocean. Silvertips, Galapagos, Hammerheads and the typical unusually big White Tips closer to the wall – they were all there.
What a ride. This dive belongs to the ranking of the best 45 minutes under water we had in our divers carreer.
One word aside from the phantastic sealife – the Nautilus Explorer Crew is phantastic. Working hard and always in good and entertaining mood. No whish remains unresponded, no problem unresolved. No matter if Divemasters, Boat Crew, Catering – thanks to all of you!
In addition – what Enrique, the “Chef de Cuisine”, creates in his kitchen – with limited space and without a team of assistant cooks – is simply fantastic.

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