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Christa Wrote:
I first learned of Socorro in Sept. 2014, when I was on my dive trip to Hurst Island, BC. Being relatively new to diving; we asked our dive master on this trip to recommend some other amazing places to dive. That’s when he told us the amazing wonders of the island’s of Socorro (or has he called it, Revillagigedos); and it’s been on my bucket list ever since…
Up until about three years ago, I was actually afraid of the water and fish!!! But although I shed a few tears, I conquered my fears and became open water scuba certified. My first dive after becoming certified was a Manta Ray night dive in Kona, HI. That dive changed my life forever, and I know that being able to experience the magic and wonder of the giant manta’s in the deep blue of Socorro, would be an out of this world experience. And seeing the cuddling white tip sharks and some friendly dolphins, would be the icing on the cake.
Plus, I know I would be in good hands on the Belle Amie; as I recently discovered the same dive master that recommended Socorro to me a few years ago is actually part of your crew. He is by far, the most interesting man in the world; and the best and nicest dive master I’ve ever met. And if you haven’t guessed who I am referring to yet; he’s also a Viking (and not the kind from my local state of MN)…
Finally, cost is always a factor when it comes to these kind of trips, and regardless of who wins this little contest; I greatly appreciate that your are providing people the opportunity to share their stories along with giving one person a chance at a great deal on an amazing adventure on theNautilus Belle Amie boat.

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