Each trip is different down here

A full boat of Divers from UK, with UK diving and UK humor. … We had a foot atmosphere on board , lots of talks and a lot of jokes and for being the pacific very calm seas except of last day that wind turned up a bit more over on to the boiler, And we finished in calmer seas over on the leeward side of the island of San Benedicto.
Roca Partida was generous on hammerheads, easy over a 100 of them where cruising in circles in a kind of resting mode a bit deeper between 25 and 45 m. (80-140 ft) So we had to watch our depth when diving on Nitrox.
Afternoon by Roca Partida is for me the best time to see this Mega size yellowfin tunas easily 400 pounders hunting creel fish not very deep. I like to hang around the school of the creolfish at 15m (50ft) to the surface. And watching them like bullets hunting. Nothing scares the baitfish more then the tuna , when they panic finding protection towards the rock you can hear the rumble of them under water. To witness this hunt and speed is something you should not miss!!
Bottlenose dolphins came and greeted us on each dive site we went to this week, for many divers they where virgins, and experienced for first time they first dolphin , first , manta, first schooling hammerhead and it seems it wont be the last time I will see them here. When you get hit of this part of the Pacific it is most probably you will be back. I am one of the pacific freaks since 15 years now and sitting on our route down to Revillagigedo trip number 50 for the Belle Amie since we put her in to the water up in Ensenada for a bit more then a year ago.
Each trip is different down here, Let us see what we will find this trip. That is why I like work on this destination.
Temp in water 22-25 C
Temp in air: 22-30 C
Viz: from 10 -40 m

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