The moment of the trip for these guys

Unreal morning out here at Roca Partida with a first dive that put the bar out of reach for the 7 dives that followed. As we kicked along the west wall of the rock we heard constant chatter from the dolphins out in the surrounding blue. We cruised along at 100ft for almost 10 mins with nothing happening, then as I had my head down checking the depth on my computer I could hear 10 divers behind simultaneously yelling into their regs. As I looked out to our right there it was, a Humpback cruising by us with 2 dolphins swimming circles around her as if escorting her past the site. All this only 80 feet off from the group and I. The giant and his smaller cousins may have only been in sight for what seemed to be 10 seconds, but it will defiantly be the moment of the trip for these guys. Roca provided it best on the first dive of 2 days out here but we’ll take it.

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Elena Caleroreply
April 21, 2016 at 11:04 AM

Wow! You have been sooo lucky!!! I was at Nautilus Belle Amie the first week on March, and although it has been the most amazing diving trip of my life, we didn’t see any humpback whale… That’s why I’m already thinking to come back to Revillagigedo, with Nautilus, of course!.
Please, if you see whales again, post it at, I read you every day! 🙂

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