No "vortex of death" today

Perfect conditions today.  No “vortex of death” today, but Ed saved another life.  He pulled a fishing hook out of of a manta.  The manta was very happy and came back to greet Ed and the entire team after the event.  PADI now has “vortex diver” and “manta rescue” certifications…

Today was a great day.  Clear water and lots of manta action at Roca. Can’t beat Roca Partida, it has never let me down for over a decade of diving here.  For me, it was a good day of diving.  Everyone had “ascents = descents” so for a diving doctor, that is a good thing!

The crew is great!  The food is great!  Zale Parry gave a great presentation last night and our hostess, Maria, looks like a young Zale Parry.  Marco, you are a lucky man… but we have Zale!

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