Sten had lots to look at!

I really like the last dive of the day at Roca partida.
Life under water changes, sharks are often getting up a little shallower to get cleaned. Big yellow fin tunas comes high up chasing creol fish that are schooling in thousands and thousands on the current side, you can hear the rumble of the panicking bait fish rushing in to shelter closer to the rock wall and this beautiful silver torpedoes of tunas comes darting in and with the evening sun angle a special light makes it a beautiful scene , the wahoos who are family of marlin hunts often in couple and the black jacks hunts in gangs. Lots to look at.
Not only sharks, We where not many divers in my group Cindy was one and asked how a silvertip looked like so wee went first a bit deeper to call them in.. And quiet soon we had 2 of theem doing quick turns to us , lifting up to higher ground silkies came in, by the creofish we continue watching the hunt from tunas and wahoos. A huge female chevron manta decided to join us coming so close that a few times I had to move away she followed us up to our safety stop that lasted to 20 min. Finishing up with a megaschool of running bonitos being in them i like a snowstorm of the smaller cousin of the yellow fin , after the school Silkies where following after and the the Manta came to join in again…One hour dive and we did not even swim more then 50 see it all.
Dancing Bottle nose dolphins getting cleaned by Clarion fish by the boiler last day . Big mamas of galapagos and Mantas by Socorro.
This was a good very good trip. Will be a while until I am back as I take off for a while. But I be back over and over again on to this islands.
We had a visit of Profepa the Mexican government organisation kind of the environmental police in mexico. we mentioned that last trip we had spotted and followed a tuna Fishing boat north of San Benedicto. They had been informed and had been able to locate witch boat it is and said it would be inspected when it would get back in port in Mazatlan, in best case they can wait for getting the boat confiscated and fines… It would be interesting to see if it happens in practice.. We still had a good talk and they are aware about the bad vigilance that are hardly being done out here. Now talk is talk and walk is walk….

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