Complicated landscape

Usually divers do not fancy Socorro island in comparison to Roca Partida and Boiler; but for me the underwater landscapes around Socorro are as fascinating as mantas or sharks or dolphins. This time we did one of our dives in a dive site called “old men of the rock”. Warm water, great visibility (40+ meters) and very interesting, complicated landscape. Rocky drop off to 40 meters, huge boulders on the plateau, canyons, caverns and overhangs, and dense schools of fish. Clouds of creolefish (Paranthias colonus) were cut by groups of black jacks (Caranx lugubris), other jack species were also around (bluefin trevally and island trevally). On the rocks colored reef fishes and spiny lobsters. What a dive! I could spend days exploring just this particular dive site.

By Nautilus Staff

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