The diving has been spectacular! – Belle Amie

You know it is going to be a good trip when you roll in to the water for the first dive on the first day, and there is a silky shark right in front of you.  A couple of minutes after that a pod of dolphins “plays through” gleefully chasing fish.  Follow that up with multiple dives with giant mantas circling you for more than enough photogenic exposure, galapagos sharks, white tip reef sharks, more mantas, and more sharks.  And that’s just day 1.  Since that time we have been privileged to experience more in three days than three years of diving combined.  Roca Partida has been a standout.  Again, on the first dive playful dolphins, mantas, silver tip sharks, and more.  On our last dive today we had a special treat and a first for us, tuna chasing baitfish around the island.
The diving has been spectacular, and the crew has matched it on board the Belle Amie.  We have never been as comfortable on a live aboard.  It seems the crew knows what your going to think before you think it.
Thank you Nautilus Belle Amie crew and the Revillagigedos for a continuing wonderful experience!!!

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