Better than the Cocos?!

Had a relatively quiet day at Cabo Pearce yesterday, until the silky snorkel which was just awesome. All kinds of silkies around right now, putting on a show chasing the flying fish, and very curious approaching all the snorkelers. One guest told me he thought it was better than the Cocos night dive with the white tips.
Made our way back to San Benedicto after the snorkel and started with our morning dive at the Canyon. Another tiger shark sighting, this time circling the group a few times, coming pretty close. Not the same shark they saw earlier in the trip. The past month we’ve had the most tiger shark sightings in all my time coming out here. Pretty awesome. Also had a few hammerheads, so it was a great first dive.
Despite the awesome dive, we hadn’t experienced the Boiler yet so we headed up here for dive 2. Was a success with great viz and a few mantas around interacting with the guests.
NW swell is fairly short so we are having a time loading boats at the stern. Thinking we’ll do one more here at the Boiler and then maybe finish up with our last dive back in sheltered water. But, we’ll see how the next dive goes first.
Explorer is here with us at the Boiler.

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