I am left in awe at what I get to be a part of!

As I sail back to Cabo San Lucas, wrapping up my very first trip on board one of the Nautilus ships, I am left in awe at what I get to be a part of.
I have worked with Nautilus and with Captain Mike for two years. I have been lucky enough to hear stories from him as well as from guests from all over the world. I have heard from brand new divers what it is like to be on their first liveaboard. I have heard from guests who come back again and again just for the enchantment of Revillagigedos. All I can say now is I GET IT!!
The diving is incredible here, I GET IT! The animals here are fantastically interactive: the giant mantas here swim with you and get so close that you can see their curiosity and their inquisitive glances.
They often come within a meter of you and make eye contact as you dance with them. I thought wow, I GET IT! As a pod of 30 dolphins came to swim with our group, led by the amazing DM Jesse, I was able to take a moment to appreciate where I was and how amazing it truly is here.  Watching the schooling hammerheads, silkys and white tip sharks, I often found it difficult deciding where to look. The amount of life in the area is truly unbelievable;  I felt I had to pinch myself awake, as I must have been dreaming.
I was so appreciative to not only be able to now see what everyone has been talking about and have my own stories to share, but also to hear first hand what the guests were saying. To SEE their faces as they surfaced from a particularly unforgettable dive at Roca Partida and happily listed off all the amazing things they had just seen, was truly unforgettable.
Needless to say, it has been a trip of a lifetime! The ship is so beautiful and the crew is absolutely outstanding. They work so hard to ensure that the guests have everything they need. I am so lucky to be a part of this amazing team.
From here, I can tell you I will be even more excited to have guests share their stories and tell me about their trip. Hopefully I will soon hear the unforgettable moment of clarification as a guest will say after their first trip on a Nautilus livaboard:  “I GET IT!!”

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