Bam! Manta Heaven

YES! It happened on the third dive today. Clouds parted, the sun came out, divers rolled in, and Bam! Manta heaven. Guests came out soooo happy to have had four friendly mantas spend the whole dive with them. Dolphins started the day at The Boiler, and mantas finished it. So good. There will be plenty of manta tales during tonight’s Fiesta on the Sundeck.
It’s been much nicer today here at San Ben than yesterday at Roca. Wind 10 knots this morning, and blowing 15 now, but not nearly as sloppy as it was at Roca. Underneath it all are the long low hills of SW swell, which are thankfully not making a mess of things like yesterday.
Divers coming in from the fourth dive, gotta run. Going to motor over to the shelter of the Canyon to pull the skiffs and have Taco Night.

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