D*mned proud of our great white shark cages

Change is inevitable.  It’s part of the human existence. Most of the dive boat fleet operating out at Guadalupe Island endured white shark breaches of their cages this year. It was horrible. We are so sad for the sharks. It can’t happen again.  That being said,  we are exceptionally proud of our beautiful custom stainless steel cages. These are not your typical shark cages.  Rather, they were designed by a naval architect and the cages pictured below were build by a shipyard.  Built tough and strong just like an ocean-going steel boat and inspected and signed off annually by an engineer.  Just look at them!!!  Is that tough or what?  Our mistake was in the design of the upper balconies and that is where 2 different sharkies suffered a cage breach.  Not cool.  Not acceptable.  My error and my responsibility.   Accordingly, we have removed the upper balconies from all of our cages and will not be offering balcony diving in the future.  Our goal remains to stir as many divers as possible with the emotion and sheer awesomeness of great white sharks all the while doing it in a way that ensures no harm or change in behaviour to the shark
Safe diving.

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