Cruel, cruel version of Jenny Craig

During the crossing from San Jose del Cabo to San Benedicto I was filled with anticipation…and a bout with sea sickness (generally I’m good with open ocean voyages, I swear). When far from land the ocean usually appears to be a liquid desert, at least at the surface, but a sighting of a pair of dolphins leaping across the bow of the boat and sea birds’ attempts to catch flying fish coasting above the water furthered the anticipation to see what the sea (okay, technically the ocean) would bring on the dives ahead. As far as the sea sickness is concerned, the wave action that came at an angle to the boat was likely the cause of Nature’s cruel, cruel, cruel, cruel, cruel version of Jenny Craig — I didn’t eat over the course of the entire crossing (about 32 hours) because I couldn’t stand the sight, smell or taste of food (full disclosure, I toughed it out without any drugs).

Despite that discomfort, I’m fortunate to be on another adventure with the Nautilus Liveaboards team, this time to the Revillagigedo Archipelago, only about 1 year after the trip to Guadalupe Island to dive with the top A-lister of ocean celebrities, Great White Sharks. The first day of diving at San Benedicto included graceful Giant Pacific Manta Rays with schooling scuba divers attempting to bask in the majesty of the Mantas (if your able to encounter this creature in the wild, then you’ll know that the preceeding flowery prose, which may induce some people to a sea sick equivalent state, falls short of doing that experience justice). Also present were asorted schooling fish and various shark species, including the usual suspect, the White-tip Reef Shark. Anyway, this trip is just getting started! Hopefully Neptune will look upon this group of divers favourably and have other amazing ocean creatures peacefully grace us with their presence.
Before ending this session I should mention that once that bit of sea sickness ended on the dive day, I polished off a significant remainder of three very tasty varieties of pasta on behalf of my dinner group.
Hasta luego,

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