The natural beauty of the depths of San Benedicto!

So we began our 10 day expedition at the south end of a volcanic island called Isla San Benedicto.  This is typically where we do our “check-out” dive, at a site we call El Canyon (the Canyon).  The site itself sits at the bottom of one of 3 craters on the island, this one being the largest and above water offers spectacular views as the sun rises and the guests begin to appear from their cabins.  Standing about 1000 m tall with a very steep incline, you can see ripples of solidified ash that covers the face of the volcano, this being from the last eruption in the 1950s and  If you look south to the horizon Isla Socorro starts to appear as the morning haze, or cloud begins to burn off.  This site is a rocky ridge that runs perpendicular from the island for about 300 or so meter before dropping the depths below. A well known site for cleaning stations for both the giant pacific manta and the also curious scalloped hammer head.  Watch out for current as you descend onto this very popular site here in the archipelago but not to worry…. There is always somewhere to hide amongst the rocks, as you observe the natural beauty of the depths of San Benedicto!

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