a great school of hammers appeared

Our fifth dive day of the trip the sea was moderate with long swell, a nice sunny day and temperature of the water 26c on surface and 24c from 10m to 35m. A great visibility of  more than 30m gave us the spectacular view of the Rock while we were diving. We started early in the morning our first dive at 7am jumping in the east side of the rock, current was slightly from NW, and after a few minutes in the blue the magic sound of the whales we could heard like it was the music of the ocean, that was just the intro for was next… in the deep blue a cloud of animals in the distance appeared and suddenly disappeared, but a minute later closer to us that cloud appeared and clearly the incredible school of hammerheads we could see, they came closer and closer and in just a moment we were surrounded from all of them, the school was mixed with some Galapagos and silvertips as well,they left and then they came back again and like that a few times making a 25 minutes encounter with these beautiful animals. Second dive current was stronger so we have to go around the rock and after 20 minutes into the blue again a great school of hammers appeared but this time we could saw hundreds passing below us. Divers were so excited and happy, half of them was their first experience diving with the hammers. To finish a great day we had a whale watching tour around the rock. A great way to finish our visit to this magic spot in the middle of the ocean that we call Roca Partida.

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