May 26th from the Nautilus Explorer

My last dive in Roca Partida this season, and like always I enjoyed the blue room, is the perfect moment, the silence and the amazing pacific ocean around you, and the company was the best, big school of hammerheads, galapagos and silvertips together, they and us, we was planning meet and swim again together the next season. The mantas were dancing with me during several minutes, my air is low now, but we continuous this dancing the next season, in this amazing blue room, Roca Partida I will miss you, but see you soon friends.
DM & Marine Biologist Arturo A. Bocos
Primeiro dia de Roca Partida! Quatro mergulhos sensacionais. Mantas super amigaveis em todos. muitos tubaroes galha branca,
muitos tubaroes galapagos e cardumes de varios peixes. o ultimo mergulho nos presenteou com cardumes de tubaroes galapagos e
tubaroes martelos! Sensacional!
Livia from Brazil
First day of Roca Partida! Four sensacional dives! super friendly mantas, lots of fishes, schools of sharks, galapagos sharks, silver tips,
white tips and even a school of hammerheads! livia from Brazil
Second day of amazing diving at Roca Partida! Four Dives with non stop action! Starting with very smooth ocean conditions; very little wind. Amazing!! Some of the divers are calling today Manta Day!
All the divers experienced close encounters with giant Mantas, every diver will remeber this experience forever!!!
Frank from CA.
We said good bye to Roca Partida with four perfect dives! Mantas all the time.
Some times, 3 of them around us for several minutes! Amazing!
We also got to see lots of sharks, tunas and others great fishes.
Visibility was always great and so was the wind and current!
We are gonna miss Roca Partida! Livia, Gustavo and Andreia, all from Brazil

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