Kayaker Knocked out of his Kayak by a Great White Shark…

So here’s what happened. Brian Correiar was kayaking in Monterey Bay, California when he heard a loud bang. Brian and his kayak flew into the air, and landed in the water separated from his boat. Brian then noticed a large great white shark biting the pointy end of his kayak. Seriously!!!! I’ve never heard of something like this before.
Full article and video of the white shark batting around the kayak with Brian nearby can be found in the link below. Brian is wearing the orange life jacket that is to the left of the kayak. It’s a pretty…interesting video that was shot by a couple of guests in a nearby hotel on Cannery Row.
Most heartwarming to us is that a Nautilus Lifeline marine rescue radio was used to call for help!!!!! We designed, engineered and manufacture the LifeLine in our spare time and have to be truthful in admitting that while we do 72 great white shark charters every year on our Nautilus Liveaboards, we never dreamed that one of our LifeLines would be used to call for help by a kayaker flipped out of their kayak by a great white!!
The embedded video is a MUST-WATCH!

So what happened exactly happened? I have spoken to some shark experts and there is of course no clear answer. Great whites are near-apex predators and are known to “play” with objects in the water. We have seen them use their snouts to push objects around at Guadalupe. I suspect this behaviour is more about the shark trying to figure out if the object is prey or something else. It is fascinating that the shark was interested in the kayak but seemingly ignored the human swimming away. One would think that the shark’s DNA coding and previous experiences do not include anything to do with a large red kayak!! Perhaps after the shark determined that the kayak was not prey or food, he pushed it away?? And why are there so many more shark sightings than normal in Monterey Bay?
Kudos to the sailboat operator who pulled Brian out of the water. Brian was in the water for 20 minutes and was reportedly cold and numb.
Stay safe!!
Captain Mike
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Featured photo by Sofi Sugiharto

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