A Hymn to Darryn!

A hymn to Darryn!
Hallo, my name is Philipp and my English is very bad, no, it is not bad, it is a catastrophe, and I really do not know if “katastroph” is written like this. I hope you understand my word, because I want to tell the world, how a dive master saved my world today, more my well deserved holidays.
We had a fantastic dive day. We saw sharks, we saw mantas, we saw schools of jack fishes, and we saw hot buddies in skinny suits… perfect! I took pictures with my go-pro, so beautiful, so marvelous, so awesome… I can’t wait to show them at home, because everybody will hate me for that trip. Anywav.
And then it happened. I dropped my camera and it became a victim of the cruel sea. I was destroyed, I was sad. I was lost. I wondered, if I should throw myself behind that f***ing and end my life at once. What is a life without the memory of a perfect dive day?
But I did not expect: Darryn. Like a flash, like a young god, like Poseidon himself, he shot through the cold deep with the eye of a tiger (shark). With the brave heart of an octopus (octopus have three hearts!!!) he found it. And brought the camera back to his master between his teeth like a cute sea lion. And I swear by god, I saw it with my own eyes, the last few meters, he saved a mermaid by strangling a hammerhead shark with his naked hands. What a man.
My question is: how glad can a company be to have such employees? What must a divemaster like a divemaster of the Nautilus Explorer earn, to earn enough? Do they not deserve more than any investment banker of Goldman and Sachs? What can I say. Thanks. Thanks. Thanks to whole staff here. Everything is great here. Except: The water in Socorro is too cold. Please change that for tomorrow.
– Philipp

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