Names have been Changed to Protect the Innocent! (aka Larry’s Birthday Party)

I always feel badly for Larry, our amazing and incredible chief engineer. Larry has been on the boats for years with us, and is well loved by guests and crew alike.  Sorry, I forgot – Larry is also well loved by our sharks and giant mantas, and actually has a tattoo of his buddy “Shredder the great white shark” on his arm  (we are all concerned that we haven’t seen Shredder for the last 2 Guadalupe seasons). Anyways, it is exciting, but also somewhat bittersweet that Larry recently accepted a promotion to Senior Manager and director of engineering and technical support. I’m thrilled to be working with Larry shoreside, but I know he will be sorely missed by everyone on the ships.

Long story short is that Larry’s birthday comes around during shipyard refit every year.  I have memories of many memorable birthday celebrations but this year, ummmm “took the cake”.

Happy birthday buddy!!
Thank you for everything you do.

– Captain Mike

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