Getting manta attention

Back to Socorro island for a new season on the Nautilus Explorer! We left these dive sites 5 months ago and ever since I have been counting the days until I would come back to this magical place: the boiler, Roca Partida, Cabo Pearce, Punta Tosca…I have dived many other places in the world, but I have not found any where the interaction with the animals is as intense as here. Today again we had a 20-minute face-to-face with 2 mantas, dancing with each diver, gliding through our bubbles and making everyone of us feel very special as they look deep in our eyes. They usually follow us all the way to the surface during safety stop and it is a heartbreak to come back on the skiff while they still swim around us like they want to keep playing. Unforgettable experience. This season is starting just great!
– Divemaster Yann, France

By Nautilus Staff

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