A word about the Nautilus Crew!

Sure, most of the divers on this boat are talking about the experiences they make every day under water, and they are absolutely fantastic, but I think that a few words should be spent also about the crew and the amazing job they are doing every day! They are making our stay as comfortable and unique as possible, working around the clock.
Lize is the best cook I’ve ever experienced on a boat…it’s amazing what she can prepare in a tiny kitchen on a moving cruise on the sea! Dulce and Nubia are the two most adorable hostesses I have ever met. After half a day, they knew all our names and how we drunk our coffee ? The divemasters Rodolfo, Pato (Esteban), Pierrick, Yann, and Mirco are always running around cleaning every inch of the boat, preparing our equipment, briefing us, diving with us, telling us important aspects of the genetics and morphology of the underwater animal life! They are unbelievable: funny, smart and hard workers! The captain and the chief, Apau and Joel are experienced navigators who know all the best spots and are always concerned about the safety of the passengers. Last but not least, Oscar (the boat engineer) takes care of this cruise as if it was his own house, always ready to help you with every small or big “problem” you have!
The Most Amazing crew EVER!
– Dominique Pigliapoco

– Nautilus Explorer –

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