Received by mantas and schools of Hammerheads

A recepcao nao poderia ser melhor. Ao cairmos na agua fomos recebidos por uma escola de varios tipos de tubaroes, martelo, galapaguenho, silks e no quando estavamos admirando a escola tao diversa de tubaroes, nos aparece um tubarao baleia. Foi incrivel, nao poderiamos ter sido recepcionados melhor.
– Leonor Biagini, Brasil

This trip started 4 days ago, we had a very easy crossing to the Islands. We started at San Benedicto where we saw Mantas, Dolphins, and a big school of hammerheads at The Canyon. I like to hear how our guests are so excited when they return from there dives screaming and jumping. Some of them never see a hammerhead before! They are telling everybody how cool it was for them this first time of hammerhead overdose!
– Divemaster Mayo

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