Came for the Mantas, got to see Whale Sharks!

Roca Partida today provided stellar diving. On our second dive of the day we were led by our DM Juan he sensed sharks. He was right; not only did we see hammerheads, Galapagos, and Silky sharks but we saw our first whale shark of the trip!! It was a gorgeous sight to behold and watching it swim majestically was an unforgettable experience. Juan made sure his whole group saw the whale shark, including the stragglers.
On our next dive Florian captained us and luckily dropped us right on type on the whale shark. Tony was our DM and he quickly spotted the whale shark as he was checking on us during our descent and pointed it out to a surprised group. No one was expecting to see the whale shark again so soon. My husband and I weren’t even expecting to see whale sharks on this trip since it is not their season. We came for the mantas and sharks and have been overjoyed during this entire trip.
It is our first liveaboard and we couldn’t be happier with the diving and the entire crew working as a team to deliver the best possible experience for all of us.
– Dara, Santa Rosa, California

By Nautilus Staff

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