Captain’s Noon Report – Explorer – 2018-03-20

Location : The Boiler, San Benedicto Isld. Activity : Anchored at the Gash in 50ft, 3 shots out Weather/Seas : wind 12-15kts NNW, Seas : 2-4ft NNW Plan : Finish off day here at Boiler then head to Roca Partida for tomorrow New

Dive : Awesome, wow…Today was the was the day we have been hoping for. Started off with a breaching humpback whale welcoming the sunrise with us off our port bow, then right when the divers dropped into the water a pod of dolphins came surfing up to us and hung around for the entire dive. As the divers descended the boiler a few mantas came by to steal the show, and then as we were finishing up the dive in amazement. The final encore was topped off by a whale shark – THX

Boiler Temp : 75deg Visibility : 80-100ft + Wildlife : Dolphins/Giant Manta/Whale Shark/Humpbacks


– Kyrie

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Daily dive and conditions reports from our captains onboard the Nautilus Liveaboard vessels.

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