Captain’s Noon Report – Under Sea

The Boiler, San Benedicto
Blue Skies
Winds NW 5
Swell W 2-4
Current Northerly mild to medium
Water Temp 75f
Vis 70 -100′
Well… the stuff just keeps coming this week. After our Third dive at Roca Partida yesterday we had a large bait ball that started off the back of our boat. The bait ball drifted out aways and the divers came up from Roca, and we made a B line to the mothership to drop our tanks off to be filled and grab our snorkels. A good number of the guests jumped into the water where there were at least 50 silky sharks hovering around the bait ball, and 10 to 12 directly feeding. It was quite amazing. We were in the water for 40 minutes but had to leave the bait ball for our last dive at Roca. Tuna were everywhere. Just walls and walls of tuna passing in the blue. A school of Galapagos came right up to the guests and silver tips were in good numbers. We left Roca with beautiful sailing conditions. Made it to the Boiler late last night. Just when you think the action couldn’t get better, our first dive at the Boiler had a pod of dolphins came up to all the guests. The 5 dolphins came within arm’s reach of the guest. At the same time we had another massive wall of very large tuna whizz by. The wall just kept coming. Mixed in the group of Tuna was a Sailfish!!! All guest were able to see the rare fish and some had it come up to them on their safety stop. On top of that we had a large friendly manta circle the group during the dive. I took some guests back out after off loading the tanks to do some snorkeling with the dolphins. Four guests went on the search. We had another bait ball off to the north west which we headed to. The dolphins were right in the middle of yellowfin tuna. The dolphins came right up to the guests and the tuna were below them and following was a school of silky sharks. We made a few runs in and out of the water to keep up with the bait ball. Second dive just as incredible. Four mantas were gliding through our guests with hammer heads, Galapagos in the deep, and joining them was a tiger shark. Guests are mind blown. Still two dive to go today!
– Lowel

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Daily dive and conditions reports from our captains onboard the Nautilus Liveaboard vessels.

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