Noon Report – Nautilus Explorer

Cuevitas, San Benedicto Wind NW 15 – 18 Swell NNE2-4 Water Temp 76f Blue Skies, Visibility – 70 plus feet Great end to yesterday’s diving. A solitary dolphin interacting with the guests, big Galapagos shark, several silver tips, very friendly mantas and a tiger shark. the Boiler has to be the best dive site to view mantas in the world. We stayed the nigth at the Canyon and headed over to Cuevitas early in the morning. The winds are picking up and we have such a beautiful landscape above and below the water line. The dive site has two names, Cuevitas means small caves in spanish and all along the dive site there are small swim through that you can go through. It is also called Red Bluffs because the volcanic rock that run along the coast line are painted brick red. You can actually see the different layers of volcanic activity that created this island a long time ago. The dive was quite nice. The swim through are fun and we had 5 medium silver tip sharks swimming in the sand patches. Electric rays skim the bottom across the sand and one dolphin came up to a guest. At the end of the dive we have two mantas chasing each other on our descent. The mantas hung around for another 20 minutes and we took a little bit more time on our safety stop to enjoy the interaction with the large winged creatures. Second dive was just as nice as the first. Two mantas were coming around and one of them stayed for the entire dive with the guests. Going to head over to the Canyon to finish our diving in the Revillagigedos and off to the Sea of Cortez to dive with the playful sea lions of Los Islotes. – Lowel

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