Captains Noon Report – Explorer

Location: 20.23.7n 110.27.2w

Well with flat calm seas and no wind we can stop in the middle of the ocean and snorkel with a pod of pilot whales. Few minutes ago our group was within a foot of a pod of 12 pilot whales floating at the surface. A crew member spotted the whales and with the seas very calm it was easy to come in close. We opened the bow door and the whales hung out around the boat so no better time to don our snorkeling gear. We made several passes as the whales would swim around us then venture just out of range. Some of the whales reach 15 feet. The last try we had one of the “spy hop” it’s nose right out of the water in the middle of the guests and float back down while looking at the floating human logs. The guests were ecstatic with the encounter coming back to the boat. We had the massive black whales for 30 minutes until we had to depart back on our way to San Jose. Guests are over the moon to see the whales, crew were happy as well to have a chance to jump in and join in on the fun!
-Capt. Lowel

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