Captain’s Noon Report-Explorer – 2018-06-22

Location:Boiler, San Benedicto Over cast Skies Winds NW 5 – 10 Swell NW 1-3
Weather:Vis 60′ Water Temp 75 Degrees F

Thanks Boiler for this season. It has been such a pleasure to come every charter to dive Boiler. It has always been a source of memories for our guests from all over the world week in and week out. We had three to four mantas on each dive that kept playing with the entire group. An all black manta and two large chevron mantas were getting cleaned by the Clarion angelfish. Galapagos, silver tip, white tip and a silky shark passing amongst the guests. The guests really wanted to dive again at the Boiler this charter and they were so happy to return for the manta show. One last stop at the Canyon in hopes of finding some hammerheads for the guests. It has been a great charter with all the different species of animals we have seen this week and a good way to close out the 2017-18 Socorro charters. The boat heads for Cabo tonight so all guests can disembark then off to Ensenada for a month work in the ship yard where this boat is going have a wonderful transformation on the dive deck to make it even more easier and comfortable to dive with the Great Whites in Guadalupe and dive into the blue waters of the Socorro Revillaigigedos. We hope everyone gets a first hand experience diving aboard the Nautilus Explorer with all the new exciting features of the vessel coming up.

-Captain Lowel

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Daily dive and conditions reports from our captains onboard the Nautilus Liveaboard vessels.

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