Captain’s Noon Report-Under Sea – 2018-06-24

Location:At Anchor at the Boiler Lat. 19 19.68N Long. 110 48.82W.
Status: Sitting on 120 ft of water. Wind NNE 8-10 kts. Swell 1-3 ft W . Clear sky with patches of clouds.
Weather:vis 60-70 ft. water temp. 70 F

Had a very nice crossing south to San Ben. very calm seas and wind. Arrived this morning at the canyon for checkout dive. Just before boarding on to the skiffs a group of dolphins passed next to the boat, divers get exited hoping to see them underwater. Once at the skiff just before get in to the water a big chevron manta was at the surface, to say hello to divers. Was a good dive for checkout but visibility was to low around 20 ft. so once as all divers were back in the boat, we moved to the Boiler. A group of dolphins stayed around to play with divers, 2 Chevron and 1 Black manta gave the wolcome to divers, Galapagos sharks and blacktips sharks, a school of jacks and a lot more of fishes was what divers saw. Everyone came happy, very good dive for fist day.

-Captain Vicente

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Daily dive and conditions reports from our captains onboard the Nautilus Liveaboard vessels.

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