Captain’s Noon Report – Belle Amie

Location:Anchored at Roca Partida
Weather: 80-100′ visibility, 75-80 degree water

Sunny hot and humid with light east winds and a confused sea, mostly from the south at 5-7′. The sea is slowly calming down but we are still rolling heavily at times.The diving conditions however are very good:, light current and plenty of action. Numerous Galapagos sharks, tuna, wahoo and even a manta on the first dive. On the second there was more of everything plus one group of divers even got a close encounter with a whale shark. Yesterday finished with a building south swell and amazing manta action. On the last dive two Mantas followed the divers for the entire dive. They even came to the surface by the inflatables and the divers that were not too cold stayed and snorkelled with them. After dinner we had a silky snorkel with lots of sharks before departing for Roca Partida.

-Captain Graham

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