Captain’s Noon Report – UnderSea

Status: Anchor at 29 08.5N-118 17.1W in 250 ft Depth,
Weather: No Current, Vis 100 ft and 68F water Temp

Good afternoon. Welcome again to the best place in the world to see Great Whites Sharks; Guadalupe Island, Mexico! Very good crossing yesterday from Ensenada to Guadalupe Island. Everyone was very excited to see the big boys. We have the island and sharks to ourselves, there are no other boats around. At 0600hrs the cages were ready for action and 10 min after the first bait was in the water, a 12 ft male shark came up to check and breached in front of the cages to try to get the bait. Four different male sharks between 10-12 stay passing around the NUS before Lunch with some breaches to try to catch the bait. Guest happy and expecting more action after lunch!

–Captain Mantarey

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