Captains Noon Report – Explorer

Location: South of Monkey Face, East of Guadalupe Island
Status: Vis 30 fe Air Temp 76F Water Temp 72f
Weather: Sunny Clear Skies Light winds Swell SE 3-4 feet

Well…the water is really warm. This is creating a hazy layer of water from the surface down past 30 feet. We have had good sharking action but most of the guests choose to stay at the surface with their cages. We have a south easterly swell coming from the remains of Hurricane John. The swell has come up in the usually calm area of sharking. The swell isn’t bad at all but it is causing the visibility to drop a bit. The swell should die down by tomorrow however the sharks are coming around in groups of two. They have been taking the baits and the guests have been treated to fast dashes by the sharks at the bait. The weather is really nice and the guests are having a wonderful time taking in the sharks and the sun.
– Capt. Lowel

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