Captains Noon Report – Undersea

Location: Lat 29 08.25N Long 118 17.09W
Status: At anchor at Guadalupe Island in 240 ft depth
Weather: Light wind from S, swell 3-5 ft occ. 6 ft from SE Clear sunny sky some high clouds

Vis 25-30 ft, water temp 71-72 F. Water color is between blue and green. Good action that we had yesterday afternoon. The sharks are coming around passing near cages, going for the baits. Some sharks are breaching. We have happy guests. Diving finished around 5pm and guests just went to chill out with a beer or red glasses of wine. We have onboard Nicole Nasby, and she gave a Shark 101 presentation to guests and crew. We brought up the cages to the boat for last night. Today we set cages back in the water. At 630 we had our first diver in the cages. One shark came by, but vis dropped down a lot. Early morning with almost no sunlight was difficult to see. So far we had 5 different sharks throughout the day. There are 3 juveniles, that constantly come to the baits and passing near the cages. It isn’t a bad day after all divers have been in cages all morning. Hopefully vis get better for tomorrow as the swell calms down.
– Capt. Vicente

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