Captains Noon Report – Belle Amie

Location: 29.08.70N – 118.17.07W
Status: sitting in 250Ft in guadalupe island

The sun has been having a hard time coming out, as the clouds keep blocking it however sun is winning this morning. The sunrise was part of the show as only a small portion of it was visible out in the horizon, while crew was working since five in the morning to put cages in water and setting up the stage so the show would start on time. Everything came together when the first great white shark showed up, our morning started slow but then it picked up in the dives. We saw at least three different individuals, kind of sad to see Kenric (the shark) with wound and some of then are deep, also another shark is dragging a 30 feet line attached to his left pectoral fin, we did have a sea lion around the cages and close to us a pod of dolphins. They went around the Belle and once they closed the loop they started to jump clear out of the water, so lots going on. Happy guests, we only had this thing with a guest, she was in the surface cage and her GOPRO camera came off her wrist. We tried to get it with a long pole but the current his morning has been over a knot from SE. The NEX needed something and they had their skiff in the water and coming this way the timing was good and Captain Lowel recovered the camera! “thank you Lowel”. Water today in the lows 70s and visibility is 40 plus feet and getting better, we have swell 1-3Ft from se.
– Capt. Beto

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