Captain’s Noon Report-Explorer – 2018-08-19

Location:Just South of Monkey Face Guadalupe Island
Weather:Air Temp 76f Water Temp 73f

Sunny Skies for the first time in awhile. No swell and a light wind The sun is back!!! We had some clouds days but they have passed. The crossing over to the island of the sharks was very comfortable and we were able to see a few animals on the way. A few turtles and sea lions were spotted. The cages were put in right at dinner times and everything calmed just after 2000. The guests are ready. We woke up to a morning full of sun shine. The white clouds race over the top of the mountain down to the sea. It’s a common sight but we haven’t seen it for awhile. The sharks came early in the morning just after the light has broken. The wranglers took their place and within a few minutes we got our first fin tearing through the water. Several dashes for the bait and it’s gone. The buzz is going on the back deck when the first yell of shark echos through the boat. The pace is steady with the sharks coming. One is constant. coming up to the bait racing in front of the surface cages then diving. A second shark joins us. The pace is slow and steady with the two sharks taking turns at the bait. Just off the starboard side of the boat floats a small seal lion pup. The pup is very young. It wiggles at the surface teaching itself how to float and sun it’s fins out of the water. It lean to the left and raises it’s fins out of the water and loses balance and rolls to the right. It is in a continual state of trying to balance and sun it’s fins. It looks at the back of the boat then continues to float to the stern. We put our attention back the to sharks steadily going after the baits. The waters are calm for a few minutes then there is a disturbance just off the starboard stern. Ripples of water create rings on the surface, a dorsal then a large tail is seen then there is a calm. The sea lion pup is gone from the surface. We were able to see nature take it’s course and this time the predator has won. The action starts to pick up once again with fours sharks at one time. The large lumbering male Kendric has taken one of the baits and swims around the cages. He have had several wild runs at the baits by smaller sharks.

-Captain Lowel

By Noon Reports

Daily dive and conditions reports from our captains onboard the Nautilus Liveaboard vessels.

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