Captains Noon Report – Explorer – 2018-08-24

Weather: Sunny Skies Wind light Swell NNe 1-3ft, Air Temp 76f Water Temp 70f
Status: Anchored at Guadalupe

We begin our trip with a gentle breeze. The waves roll and rock the boat slightly. The late afternoon light dies in the distance. The shadows of a formidable lonely island lie dead ahead. The sky above is overcast, gray. With the last bit of light fading it seems as the island has parted the sky and the their is the last burning orange and red hued sky. It is like we have passed through into another time and place. The gray is gone and the first light of the stars resemble little pin holes lighting up a fading bluish orange sheet. The closer we come to the island we heard the faint barks and cries of the sea lions and seal pups. The vessel slows down. The constant white water being parted by the bow fades into a ripple radiating outwardly. The boat is still and finds it’s mark. With a quick pull of the brake wheel the chain flies out of the chain locker with a continuous clacking of chain racing down through the boat meeting the sea and plummeting to the ocean floor. then there is silence. The chain is stopped and we have found our home for three days. The skies is now lines with rippling lines of clouds and hiding behind them are more stars. The morning comes on strong with sharks already at our back door at 0645. The first shark takes the bait with ease. The is hardly any light on the water and the ambush was child’s play. The shark lifts out of the water straight up and falls back into the water with bait secured in it’s mouth. This morning had a fever pace to it. We had three sharks spinning around the cages. Rhett and Ropey were sited. Two small females as well. The action has calmed for awhile but looking for the action to pick up again.

– Capt. Lowel

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Daily dive and conditions reports from our captains onboard the Nautilus Liveaboard vessels.

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