Captains Noon Report – Undersea – 2018-09-06

Location: At Anchor in Guadalupe in 250 ft depth. Lat 29 08.18N Long 118 17.08W
Weather: Light brezze from South, calm seas. Sunny day
Status: Water temp 69FF, Air Temp 73F, Vis. 80+ ft Very light current from SSE

Yesterday afternoon action wasn’t as good as in the morning, it slowed down a little bit, but still was good, some sharks still came around to the boat trying to get the bait passing close to cages, giving sanction to divers. By 5pm the last diver came out the cage, the rest were just having a relaxing drink of beer at the sundeck and lounge. Today has been good, not as good as the crazy morning from yesterday, but good, we had 2 half body breaches and we had a full body breach just like 5 meters away from the port side around 7 am. Guests that saw were astonished and they started getting ready to go in cages. We had seen 8 different sharks today. Some of them were Mace, Ropey, Persephone and Kendric. There is a big male as well that we don’t know yet who is it; we will try to identify him on shark ID tonight. All guests and crew happy.
– Capt. Vicente

By Noon Reports

Daily dive and conditions reports from our captains onboard the Nautilus Liveaboard vessels.

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