Captain’s Noon Report-Under Sea – 2018-09-21

Location: Lat 29 08.31N Long 118 17.09W
Status:At Anchor in Guadalupe in 250 ft depth.
Weather:Calm wind and seas. Beautiful Sunny day. Water temp 68-70F, Air Temp 75F, Vis. 100+ ft. No current.

Arrived this morning to Guadalupe after a very nice and smooth crossing, It’s hard to believe that just one day before seas were rough. As soon that we dropped anchor, we started to put cages in the water. By 0700 cages were open and a few divers were ready to jump in. Shark action started early when we were still putting cages in water a shark was passing by the stern of the boat. It’s has been a pretty good day, action in surface all morning, 9 differents sharks have been seen so far, among those sharks are Bruce, Ropey and Dog. But in partycullary there is a new female that has been the star of today, she is like 12-13 ft long, We are calling her “chica loca”; She has coming to the cages slowly and sticking her nose in the cages smoothly, not crashing with the cage, just like if she wants to say hello to divers. Beside that she has taking out her head of the water like an trained orca. It has been an amazing first day morning. All guests are super exited with the show. Hoping the good action keeps the same the rest of he day.

-Captain Vicente

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Daily dive and conditions reports from our captains onboard the Nautilus Liveaboard vessels.

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