Captain’s Noon Report-Explorer – 2018-09-29

Location:Monkey Face East Guadalupe
Weather:Island Winds N 10 -14 Swell NE 1-2 foot Air Temp – 72f Water Temp – 68-70f Vis – 100 plus

Cool pacific water covers us as we descend into the a different that is strange to most but home to us. The world is filled wonders that most have or ever will see. This is a our chance to seize a moment for yourselves to be share with many. The early morning is filled with sharks two at a time coming in for the surface baits. A shark claps down on a tail piece of bait but lets go seconds later. The remains of the tail of tuna is a severed tail damage and cut in half. The wind has picked up as well as the swell but the sharks are not effected. Through the morning more sharks show up. Four different shark appear in the light blue waters. Joker is back s well as a very rotund female about 9 feet long. The surface baits are not safe from the onslaught of shark attacks. Most of the time the hardy wranglers win but the sharks become stealth like and come up from different angles to take the baits. A large school of sardines as amassed under the boat. They move in unison slowly then their pace picks up as they all head toward the cages. A school of yellowfin tuna about 12 strong come rushing at the bait fish, all the while four large sharks circle below the boat. It has been a good start of the day.

-Captain Lowel

By Noon Reports

Daily dive and conditions reports from our captains onboard the Nautilus Liveaboard vessels.

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