Captains Noon Report – Explorer – 2018-10-04

Location: Monkey Face East Guadalupe Island Winds Light
Weather: Swell – Very slight SE swell Vis 35 – 40 feet and getting better Air Temp 72F Water Temp 68-70F

We had a great end off the day yesterday. the left over swell from Tropical Storm Rosa turned things up a bit but we hauled in about 60 feet of anchor chain and that pulled us out of the dirtier waters. The visibility opened and the sharks were everywhere. Around 1530 the sharks came to us. We had two medium females join in the fray along with some active males. Most of our guests stayed in the surface cages because the sharks were attacking the baits constantly. For two hours it was nature at it’s best. A few guests wanted to be submerged on the last dive run of the day and it was just magical. Five sharks at one time that just kept coming around the cage. As we were being lowered the sharks were looking right into our divers eyes from just a few feet away. The sun lit the sharks up and the cage lowered and the shark rose above being silhouetted with the rays of the sun bursting from the back light shark. It had to be one of the best dives this season. The guest came out astonished with what they just witnessed and everyone thoroughly enjoy the time we shared together. We swapped stories on the sun deck during our favorite taco night dinner. The stars shone and food was incredible. Great way to end the day. Today has been good. We have had several different sharks coming around the cages. Slashfin has been liberated from it’s fish hook and long line attached to it’s pectoral fin. We have had three sharks circling under the boat this morning and several passes were made at the bait. A good start to the day and with the SE swell laying down over night, the visibility continues to get better. The sun is out beating down on our face and it is another beautiful day here. Guests and crew are so happy.
– Capt. Lowel

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