Captains Noon Report – Explorer – 2018-10-08

Location: Sweet Spot East Guadalupe Island
Weather: Air Temp 78F Water Temp 68-70F Wind Light Swell
Status: Anchored with visibility at 100 plus ft

If you have ever envisioned towering mountain landscapes falling into a lush crystal clear azure seas with national geographic marine life just a few steps away? Today is that day. The sun is a warming tropical heat that is just right. The water is gin clear. There are sharks and plenty of them. The morning started early with two sharks arriving just after 0700. The submersible cages were dropped and they lingered and passed close to the cages. The usual mackerel and smelt bait fish are not here in the great numbers and the yellow tails are non existent but there are yellow fin tuna and they have come in a big school under the boat. 50 and 60 pound tuna rush towards our baits and the small schools of bait fish have been busy scurrying away from them. The morning is waning and the sharks come. The surface has been very busy with constant action. Ropey has been seen and a very large rotund male keeps passing from bait to bait. Guests are mesmerized by the sharks. Three sharks are making their presence felt at the back deck. We have a female sea lion hanging out at the bow of the boat. The sea lion has been dipping down and playing with the sharks. Coming in front of them then twirling to the back around the tail of the sharks then up to the bow for protection and another breath of air. We have had one shark begin to pump it’s tail and then launch itself out of the water with a full breach. It’s a beautiful day and no matter where we are or if we never come back here again today is our day to hold in our minds and never be replaced.

– Capt. Lowell

By Noon Reports

Daily dive and conditions reports from our captains onboard the Nautilus Liveaboard vessels.

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