Captains Noon Report – Explorer – 2018-10-09

Location: Sweet Spot East Guadalupe Island
Weather: Overcast Skies Winds are light just a hint of a breeze Swell- not much to speak of Air 76F Water 68-70F Vis 80 -100ft

This week has just been special. The afternoon yesterday had three sharks coming back and forth to the baits. They would keep going round the submersible cages then dart to the baits. We had three full breaches in the afternoon. The tuna bean to hunt in earnest as the sunlight faded. their silhouettes against the sun in numbers of 25 to 30 swimming in unison while sharks filled the back ground. Right at sun set the surface became a boil. The tuna had corralled the bait fish and unleashed fury in a synchronized attack pushing the small helpless mackerel and smelt to the surface. Tuna were torpedoing out of the water with each attack. This morning we woke at a shark already around the stern of the boat at 0600. We have had several full breaches again. The tuna are still in number and although we didn’t see the yellow tail jacks yesterday they have arrived this morning. Two to three sharks have been constantly at the surface this morning but the real gem today is our first visit from one of the largest sharks recorded. Lucy, a massive shark has decided to join us today. She is roughly 15 feet long. She is accompanied by 20 pilot fish around her body. We know right away that it is Lucy because of her deformed tail. The upper portion is bent downward and to the left. All the guests have rushed to the surface cages to get a look at this beautiful shark. It is a unique treat to see her. if it weren’t for Lucy we also have another 12 foot male joining us. There is a buzz around the boat and the guests have been treated to some of Guadalupe’s best in only a day and a half. The females are coming and we have witnessed a Guadalupe star in Lucy.
– Capt. Lowel

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